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The 3 most popular betting exchange sites for 2021

The betting markets will follow football’s relentless global exposure, garnered by channels like streaming services and all.

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The betting markets will follow football’s relentless global exposure, garnered by channels like streaming services and all. While traditional bookmakers are seeing significant growth, exchanges are also seeing growth. Let’s take a look at the top 3 betting exchanges sites:



Among betting exchanges, markets stand out as the best option. Considering factors such as the availability of sports and markets, it can be hard to decide which exchange is best for you, since they all offer more than you will ever need. For top-end exchanges, liquidity is similar, as only obscure bets are matched within a reasonable amount of time. What makes Smarkets the best? The competition can’t match them because they’re just better.

It appears their team understands that they can’t expand market penetration much beyond changing individual punters’ experiences, so they’ve put their efforts into providing customers with value and excellent customer service. To begin with, their 2% commission is one of the highest we’ve seen (you can also get 1%, but that requires you to stake a lot), and the company offers it every year. 

Others have 2% commissions, but they’ve generally been forced to take them. They also have an easy-to-use website and mobile app. In addition to looking great, Smarkets app users are able to customize the color theme. They paid attention to this small detail, which is a rarity in this niche. Furthermore, you can place bets on extremely fluid markets, such as in-play events, with a slick engine behind the scenes that manage price fluctuations for you.



With over 20 years of trading experience, Betdaq is no stranger to the betting exchange world. Since their website is mobile-friendly and easy to navigate, it’s no surprise that they’ve built up a decent customer base over that time. Their app is also quite good. Exchanges usually offer a variety of betting markets and contain ample liquidity, which enables punters to bet in any way they desire. 

In order to offer less mainstream events, the company must reduce its flexibility. It can be difficult to find matching bets when this occurs. Even though their in-play betting is excellent, football is a market where they can improve; live streams and enhanced statistics would be a great step in the right direction, but it’s not a dealbreaker when there are other online resources to explore. 



Smarkets might be impossible to match in a gambling sense, but Betfair comes close. Since the company has been in business for 21 years, they are arguably the biggest name in exchange betting, so it is no surprise that they have plenty of users who back and lay bets at all times. No, we don’t recommend following the crowd blindly but because Smarkets and Betfair have strong loyalty from their respective customers, you’ll rarely find events where you can’t place your bets together – that’s critical to the success of a betting exchange. 

You can bet on the platform with your eyes closed since it is well marketed, has an associated sportsbook, and is well organized. There are plenty of offers available on the Betfair exchange, backed by its traditional betting site. If you are interested in trading in the live betting markets, you can see beyond a few percentages, since Betfair underpins their in-play markets with better streams than the others. Match betting strategies also benefit from these streams, but you do need to factor in a 5% commission charge.

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